Luxury Brands Brainwash

Stella McCartney store Christmas lights switching on ceremony, London, Britain - 04 Dec 2013. Fashion Houses Brainwash Clients

Stella McCartney believes fashion houses “brainwash” their clients.

The designer has her own eponymous label and is a big believer in not using leather or fur in her pieces.

She’s incensed that other brands aren’t following suit and still persuade their fans to buy products animals had to die for.

“As soon as you set foot in a luxury label’s store, you’re brainwashed,” she argued to German magazine Stern.

“You come in, see one or two half-empty clothes stands and then just leather bags. Most fashion houses hardly sell clothing. They survive because of their accessories. Did you know that 50 million animals die for the leather and fur industry? That’s wrong!”

Stella’s father is former Beatles member Paul McCartney.

The 42-year-old designer can remember thinking of his clothes as “mini” because he is so slight.

She also thought the other Beatles members were much too skinny.

“They were war children and just didn’t get enough food,” she explained.

“My father, for example, didn’t know what bananas were! And then when they became The Beatles they just didn’t have any time to worry about eating. They were on stage for three hours and then partied. You don’t get fat doing that.”

On her predictions for the future the designer believes in 20 years time it will be “just women” making fashion.

Whether that’s a good thing is yet to be determined.

“The tragic thing is, that we sometimes spend an embarrassingly long time worrying about the length of a skirt,” she laughed.

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