Stephanie de Lannoy Princess of Luxemburg Bridal Dress

We all dream about Royal Weddings but only a very small number of women get to walk down the aisle to find a Real Prince waiting for them.

Kate Middleton has been probably the most popular Cinderella story of the century. Catherine might be so far the most popular bride but she was not the most luxurious bride of her era.

We witnessed yesterday the wedding of the Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy who married Prince Guillaume, the prince of Luxemburg.

To give you an idea of how big this wedding was the Daily Mail titles their article about the royal wedding as follows:

The 500,000 euro wedding: Belgian countess shimmers in breathtaking lace dress as she marries heir to the Luxembourg throne in lavish ceremony

The Dress

Let’s talk more about the dress

The beautiful bride who is 28 years old wore an Elie Saab dress, with a four-metre (13 feet) train as walked down the aisle.
The dress featured three-quarter length sleeves and a silk tulle veil, and was also adorned with a silver floral motif.

Being a dress with such a long train it is hard to find a single pic of the bride that shows off her beautiful dress. We have to look at it from an aerial view.

What do experts believe about the dress?

“Elie Saab wedding dress, Stephanie de Lannoy looked every inch a Princess. ” (Hello Magazine)

Let’s have a look to some of the details of the Princess Attire.

This is Stephanie de Lannoy hair style with veil at her wedding day.

Our Australian Princess Mary attended the wedding looking stunning as always.

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