Stomach After Exercise? | Cindy Crawford’s Tummy Before & After

Can exercise tighten your stomach? It can (I can assure you that with my own experience!)

I have seen previous pics of Cindy Crawford where I could see a more sagging stomach.

Today I found these 2 where we can see her stomach much more tight and strong.

We can see that Cindy Crawford has got some cellulite but who can say that she is not beautiful?

The supermodel is 46 and she still has an amazing body shape. I don’t think Cindy had to go through cosmetic surgery to achieve this body.

Cindy Crawford was in the cover of Shape Magazine and she talked about exercise.

“I think a lot of women have it in their heads that if they can’t commit to a whole hour at the gym, then it’s not worth the effort. But that’s not true. Ten minutes is worth it, thirty minutes is worth it. Whatever you have time for, it’s better than nothing.”

The supermodel also talked about her beauty secrets:

“Taking care of your skin is what you put in your body: drinking a lot of water…the more healthy diet you eat, I think that shows on your face. I don’t smoke. Try to get sleep. Sunscreen. All those that things we know, it’s just doing them.”

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