Stomach Stretch Marks for Halle Berry

Can you strech marks on Halle Berry’s tummy?

I am so happy when I get to see pictures like this one. I normally get shocked by looking at so many bikini bodies of women that for me are just not realistic. I am a mum and I know how it is like to be pregnant and getting your body back. It takes time but also ‘pregnancy leaves marks’. If you have been to pregnancy I believe you agree with me.

I was observing this picture where the famous actress shows off her amazing bikini body and finally I get to see a star that has a great ab that has some signs of being pregnant one day. They are hard to find them, Halle’s tummy is nice and flat but if you observe it well I believe there are some small stretch marks on it. What happens is that when you do work out your tummy shrinks and those stretch marks disappear.

Can you see some tiny strech-marks on this image?

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