Stomachs of Famous Women that Exercise Regularly

Sarah Harding is proud to show her lean abs.

I would be very proud too if I had achieved such a flat ab like she has.

The 30-year-old singer barely had an inch to pinch as she also appears to have been working out with weights in the gym as well as just shedding pounds on cardio exercises like the running machine. (DailyMail)

Girls, with celebrities bodies it can be very confusing. Many of them have flat abs but Mr. Surgeon has given them a hand. Others sweat and work hard to achieve similar results to Sarah’s Harding flat and strong stomach.

I chose to share this picture for those of you who are considering a tummy tuck. Maybe you can try exercise first. Having a strong core will help you more than just getting rid of the excess weight with the knife.

Have a look to more pictures of celebrities stomachs:

Ana del Rey

Anna Lynn McCord

Doutzen Kroes

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