Stomachs without Stretchmarks

Claudia Romani's Tummy with out stretchmarks

Very often I get asked by my sydney4women readers for pictures that show women with stomach with and without stretchmarks. I found this of Claudia Romani, it is a good close up where we can see that she doesn’t have stretchmarks on her pretty and toned tummy. Maybe it is becuase she doesn’t have kids but I still wonder how those famous ladies that have kids manage to show those amazing abs without a sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy leaves a toll but the stars seems to go away from the signs that pregnancy leaves. I just think now that most of the women who show a tummy like this when they have already had children have had an abdominoplasty.

Do you think you can have a tummy like this without stretchmarks if you have been pregnant?

I found another good close up of another nice stomach that doesn’t have any skin problems like stretchmarks.

Emma Rigby Beautiful Stomach

Emma Rigby is only 23. Darling, Emma wait until you have a child but in the meantime enjoy your gorgeous bodyshape.

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