Stretch Marks on Your Breasts? Lady Gaga has got them too!

Do you feel bad because your breasts have developed stretch marks on your breasts or in any other part of your body.

You have them because your body is alive, your body is not made out of plastic and your skin has been stretched in and out so it breaks (a little bit) and we get those marks but it doesn’t matter, you are still beautiful and even famous celebrities like Lady Gaga have them in their amazing bodies that are not perfect either.

Have a look to these pictures of Lady Gaga showing off her breasts even when she has got stretch marks and she is not as slim as she used to be.

Other celebrities that have been seen with breast stretch marks are Salma Hayek and KAte Beckinsale.

Lady Gaga has been called FAT during her presentation in Amsterdam, some people are gossiping that she is pregnant but she seems to be very normal now stepping out of her hotel in Hanover, Germany, on Monday looking almost normal.

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