Strict Exercise Regime gave Lucy Macklenburgh this slim body

Lucy Mecklenburgh was filming in Marbella and we got to see Lucy’s super slim body wearing a retro one piece swimming suit. We can her toned legs and stomach. The star has been going through an extreme exercise regime that has given her this amazing and lean body.
Lucy Mecklenburgh Slim Body after exercise

This is how she was looked before, her body was more the ‘hour glass’ body shape.
Lucy Macklenburgh | Skinny and Curvy in tiny bikini

I think people that exercise and achieve results are an inspiration for the rest of the world but the problem could be when that person becomes an exercise addict.

After breaking up with Mario Falcone, Lucy admitted weight began to ‘drop off’ her, but she is now committed to a healthy lifestyle and has become ‘addicted’ to working out with her personal trainer, Cecilia Harris. I wonder what kind of exercise routine Cecilia recommends to Lucy. The fact is that it doesn’t matter what routine you follow if you exercise and you are committed to a healthy diet your body will show sooner or later.

She told new! magazine:

‘I’m addicted to it now – I can’t imagine not training. I’ve always gone from about 8 1⁄2st to 9st but I have lost a bit – nearly a stone. I think I weigh just over 8st now – 8st 2lb, 8st 3lb, something like that. I was about 9st 2lb before. I wear a dress size 6-8 now and I’m 5ft 6in.’

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