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Henry Holland feels like a fashion “imposter”.

The celebrated British designer’s House of Holland is gearing up for its latest London Fashion Week show, but Henry often feels like an onlooker as opposed to a major name in fashion.

One of the reasons why is because he had no formal training, yet his designs are favoured by stars such as Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne.

“I’ll always have an imposter complex. I think of myself as being part of that group. I see myself more as an observer,” he told British newspaper Metro.

His latest collection, which will show in London on Saturday, was inspired by magazines from the ’80s and ’90s.

Dubbing the range “debauched debutantes”, Henry’s made use of curtain and carpet prints for his latest work.

“It started with my obsession with magazines. We went to the British Library and got all the issues of Tatler from 1980 to 1992. We focused on ’89 to ’90 because I’d been to an exhibition in Bath for a Laura Ashley retrospective. The sh*t she was coming out with was incredible,” he explained.

“I just remember my sisters at family parties in these frou-frou floral Laura Ashley dresses but when you actually see the pieces altogether, they’re full-on Edwardian dress. High collars, frilly bits, long floral-length stuff, insane.”

His latest offering follows on from his pre-fall collection, which featured preppy and colourful designs.

“For Autumn/Winter, it’s the same type of girl. But now she’s going home to her family’s country pile for a debauched debutante ball,” he laughed.

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