Styles Does Double Denim

'The Class of 92' Film Premiere, London, Britain - 1 Dec 2013. Harry Embodies Style

Harry Styles claims he only owns two pairs of jeans.

The 19-year-old star picked up the British Style Award brought to you by Vodafone (voted by the public) at the 2013 British Fashion Awards earlier this week.

While he is grateful for the prize Harry is also confused about why he was named the winner.

“I’m quite surprised – I’ve only got two pairs of jeans so… I don’t really think [my quiff] counts. It needs a trim actually,” he mused to

“I don’t know really, I think it’s just nice to… you know, if people like what you’re wearing I guess that’s really nice. So yeah, it’s very kind.”

Harry was presented the award by his close pal, model Alexa Chung. She took home the prize at the ceremony last year but didn’t seem to have any words of wisdom for her fashionable friend on accepting his gong.

“No, she should’ve done though,” Harry quipped when asked if Alexa gave him any tips on what to say in his acceptance speech. “It’s quite mean that she hasn’t.”

The prestigious award is given to someone who “embodies the spirit” of UK style.

Harry was a regular on the front of row at London Fashion Week a couple of months ago and previously admitted he loved seeing Henry Holland’s “cool” show. At the time he explained he will never be able to view himself as a style icon.

“I don’t really experiment with clothes, so it’s always good to see other people do it,” he explained at the time.

“It’s strange to wear a T-shirt and two days later see a lot of other people wearing it.”

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