Super Bodies of Famous Women that Exercise

I am suspecting that when I started blogging about celebrities a few years ago I really wanted to prove that they are not as pretty as we think. I had to show to the world that they are imperfect just like you and me. A few years later I have learned a lot in this road. Many of these beautiful women have inspired me to keep on going with my exercise.

Let’s face it. Yes! Many of these beautiful women with amazing bodies have gone through plastic surgeries but even with plastic surgeries they have to keep up with their exercise routines and healthy diets.

Claudia Galanti in Miami Beach.

It is not that you get a lipo or a tummy tuck and you stay slim for ever. Even with weight reduction procedures (surgical and non-surgical) you have to look after your body and do exercise.

Some magazines and websites publish the diets and exercise’s regimes of the stars but honestly it is hard to know if they are real or just made up. What I have learned though is that those trimmed bodies don’t come for free. Personal trainers, gym routines, jogging, yoga and pilates are just some of the secrets that celebs have to burn the excess fat and reshape their bodies.

Here are a few pics of several famous ladies that are proud of their bodies wearing tiny bikinis. Lucky them!
These images have not been edited by photoshop and I found them on different websites from the UK and NY.

Joanna Kruppa loves to expose her body and here she is in a tiny bikini.

Flavia Alessandra shows off her bikini body and big butt in a natural shot.

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