No Need To Be Super Skinny To Have a Great Body Shape & Flat Ab

Is there a need to be super skinny to have a nice body shape and a toned and fit ab?

Well, this week we have seen a lot. Skinny Kate Middleton was seen during her honeymoon wearing a tiny bikini, on this pics we could observe a skinny lady who works out to get a trimmed ab.

We also saw J Lo singing in Brasil under the rain showing off a great toned ab. The American singer has lost weight but still is not very skinny.

Today I observed some pictures of Jessica Alba on a party pool that looks slim but not to the extreme.

The Australian Actress Sharni Vinsion was also seen during a holiday in Miami wearing a tiny bikini showing off a super skinny body frame (on my perception too skinny)

Finally curvy Kim Kardashian shows a not retouched pictured of herself (posted at her Twitter Account) in a tiny bikini. I am not a great fan of Kim to be honest but this image proves that you don’t need to be super skinny to have a good body shape.

‘Barrys Bootcamp & pilates done before 9am! I feel good! Beast mode day 2! Double workout week!’ the 31-year-old tweeted to her 15.3 million followers.

Of course, these ladies are celebrities, rich and famous. They have lots of time to exercise. Expert fitness instructors to help them to achieve those results with their bodies. What I believe is important from these pics is to understand is that in our different body shapes we can achieve great results with exercise and we don’t have to be super skinny to still look gorgeous.

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