Super White Teeth & Beautiful Make Up: Asheley Green

I think it is time for me to accept it. I love to see pictures of the stars in all their different beauty stages.

Look at this pictures of Ashley Green and please tell me that you don’t feel a bit of envy for her fantasy make up.

The actress attended the New York Premier of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere and she did everything that she could to get our attention.

“By the way I was almost forgetting that what caught my attention in this picture are the actress’s white teeth. What does she do to achieve that perfect whiteness? (The truth is that most people don’t have teeth as white as celebrities do)”

Kristen Stewart has been getting all our attention with those outfits that the young star has been choosing but this time Ashley deserves our eyes on her. You can click on the image and you will get to see more details of her make up. What can you say about her pretty hair style too.

There is much that we can say about her here. We could observe her neck mole, her imperfect tiny nose and the excess make up that she is wearing but please accept that you would like to have this make up (at least one day) even just for fun.

I think that we should learn from the stars to have more fun with our looks and enjoy who we are and sometimes dare to be different and present ourselves (even just to the mirror) in a different way.

Have a look to Ashley’s entire outfit and although we know she spent hours getting that look she (or her personal stylist) managed to present the star with an effortless look so we all can admire her pretty and slim body frame with those toned and sexy arms and just a bit of skin in her chest area. Ashley is proving too that you don’t have to show all your flesh to be sexy.

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