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Ageing is a fact of life. But that doesn’t stop the vast majority of us wanting to look younger.

Just a quick scan of the beauty counters gives an insight into the demand for youth boosters.

But what are the best ingredients for slowing down the ageing process?

We caught up with leading skincare and anti-ageing expert Tina Richards to discover her tips for a youthful face:

1. Use topical products containing antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamins C and E, green tea and grape seed extract every morning on your skin to protect it from UV rays and pollution.

2. Opt for a retinoid product at night to treat and help prevent signs of sun damage and refine the surface of your skin. Vitamin A found in retinoid products is also helpful for treating breakouts. I’m currently using Retriderm Retinol 0.5%.

3. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of a minimum of SPF30 every day of the year come rain or shine, on your face, neck décolleté and back of hands. I recommend Suntegrity All Natural Moisturiser SPF30. Remember 90% of skin ageing is due to environmental factors, especially sun exposure.

4. Exercise your facial muscles regularly at home using a handheld micro-current facial machine to keep your facial contours toned and tight (drooping facial contours can be far more ageing than wrinkles). Tua Tre’nd Face can easily help to lift and tone your facial muscles.

5. Eat an anti-inflammatory nourishing Mediterranean style diet, which will ensure you get lots of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and  high quality protein (chicken, fish, eggs) in your diet as these help to keep your face youthfully plumped up; strict fat-free diets can leave you looking gaunt and years older.

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