Surrogacy Overseas | The Option for Australian Women

A friend of mine is over 40, she has been trying IVF without success and today she was approached by someone who is offering her the option of having a baby through surrogacy.

My friend knew it is not legal in Australia to get someone to carry your child with a payment but this person clarified that in fact our laws do not permit any payment beyond medical expenses and other out-pocket costs in our country but you can go overseas and get a volunteer who is happy to carry your baby in exchange for a payment. (this is what my friend was told, I am not really sure about this).

I went online to do a bit of research and it seems that surrogacy has become a big business overseas. Many women in Thailand and India are happy to go ahead with the surrogation.

How much does it cost and how much does the person that carries the baby receives?

This is another question that came to my mind. This has become a good business opportunity that can be very sensitive.

I am afraid that there will be a few clinics and money making minds making a lot of money and giving just a very small percentage to the woman who is actually carrying the baby.

How far are we going in our aim to have a child? ARe we going to far?

Regardless of which part you play in the process this is not an easy matter that should be treated in a shallow way.

This matter involves a mix of emotion, money, counsellors, lawyers, doctors and intermediaries.

Are doctors and Australian Clinics receiving commission from Clinics from Overseas?

I find it hard to believe but when it comes to money, anything is possible!

My friend’s fear was that the doctors that were suggesting Surrogacy in Thailand were giving her advice based on a commission that they might be receiving from Clinics overseas.

What to do?

What I can say is that you just have to follow your instincts when you are making such a decision. If you feel that the company you are dealing with is exploiting the mother that will carry your child maybe you should not go ahead if you are not going to be comfortable with the idea of being part of this.

There is always honest people that might want to go through the process for you or for your money.

Celebrities endorsing surrogacy?

Celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Camille Grammer have made this procedure more popular.

Real Stories in Australia

I found an interesting story in the SMH about an Australian couple have been granted the right to raise twins born to a surrogate mother in Thailand even though the commercial surrogacy agreement they entered into is illegal.

Do you think Australians should consider surrogacy overseas?

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