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OK! It is time to get to the point and make it easy for you to find all the beauty businesses and professionals that are located around the CBD Area.

In the CBD in Sydney you can find a large concentration of Health Practitioners in Macquarie Street many dermatologists, gynecologists and even cosmetic surgeons.

For sure if you are around the CBD you will be able to find a health or beauty professional that will be able to help you with the treatment that you need.

Let’s get started with Cosmetic Clinics.

Cosmetic Clinics in the Sydney CBD

These clinics perform facial rejuvenation treatments such as antiwrinkle injections like Botox.

Click on each of them to find more information about them and it will be very appreciated by other women in Sydney if you can leave your comments or reviews about them.

Concept Cosmetic Medicine – Pitt St
The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic – George St
Clearskin – Clarence St
Macquarie St Dermatology
uRepublic – Town Hall
Juvae – Sydney Central Plaza
Juvae – Winyard Centre
Pitt Street Medical Centre
Sydney Medical, Dental & Cosmetic Centre
Facial Aesthetics Medispa – Park St
ICCM – Macquarie St
Sydney Dermatology – Macquarie St
True Skin Cosmetic and Laser Clinic – Liverpool St
Macquarie St Dermatology – Macquarie St
Basic Beauty – Elizabeth St
CBD Skin Cancer Clinic – Market St
Pure Aesthetics – Macquarie St

These Clinics and Beauty Professionals serve all the people that work in the city. Women living in other areas also travel to the City to be seen by their favourite health or beauty expert. The problem with the city is that it is hard and expensive to park.

Good and recognised beauty and health practitioners work around the suburbs in Sydney so you can be treated locally if it is more convenient for you.

What I have found is that in the City there is a lot of competition (especially for beauty treatments) that you could find good deals at discounted prices for some beauty treatments like laser hair removal. The other benefit of being treated in the City if you work there is that you can organise your appointments and be treated at lunch time. Just make sure that there is no downtime for the treatments that you decide to go through.

Popular treatments for Sydney CBD girls are: facials, laser hair removal, waxing, microdermabrassion, manicures and pedicures and quick massage sessions.

Around The City you can find other popular Areas and Suburbs where you can be treated that are not as busy as the CBD. Pyrmont and Broadway are good places to go for beauty services if you live or work around the Sydney, CBD.

The Darling Harbour is a very popular area in the City for tourists.

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