Tam ‘Obsessed With Legging Boot’

Tamara Mellon wears a leopard print dress


Tamara Mellon has her best-selling legging boot “on her mind for years”.

The former Jimmy Choo star has now set up her own label, which eschews the usual fashion calendar. Rather than putting on shows six months early, forcing people to wait to buy the pieces they see, Tamara’s company does monthly clothing drops. It means everything is available in the right season and customers can purchase as soon as they see something they like.

She is passionate about designing pieces for real women, such as her famous legging boots. The leather item is described as a “a thigh boot that pulls right up into a legging” and sells for £1,595. It was a massive success when it was made available and Tamara isn’t surprised.

“I’d had it on my mind for years, and I finally did it. Fifty percent of the stock sold out on Net-a-Porter within three hours of going on sale. We were watching it on the screen,” she told WWD.

“I wanted them for myself. .”
Tamara Mellon wears a leopard print dress
It’s a hard design to follow, but Tamara thinks she’s managed it with her next creation – the closed-toe sandal.

“You’ll get it when you see it,” she insisted.

Tamara threw a lunch in London for members of the fashion press this week, in which she showed off some of her latest pieces. Among them were a studded tunic top and suede boots, both of which will be available from March/April.

“I’ve worked for some of you, been fired by some of you, been on holiday with some of you. There is a lot of history here,” she laughed.

The designer also spoke about her decision to leave shoe company Jimmy Choo and set up her own label. She is in no doubt that she made the right decision.

“Leaving Jimmy Choo was a lifestyle choice: I was so sick of having to buy clothes in the wrong season. I also didn’t like being able to see shows, and then having to wait to buy the clothes. By the time the product hit the shop floor, I was over it,” she said.

“Right now, I’m wearing a cosy knit dress, the kind you want in January, when you’re freezing your ass off!”

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