Tara Reid’s ‘Diet Coke diet’

Fathom Events Presents The Premiere Of The Asylum And Syfy's "Sharknado" - Red Carpet. Tara Reid Sparks for Her Weight.


Tara Reid reportedly drinks “gallons” of Diet Coke a day.

The American actress sparked concern for her weight after being photographed looking slim on Miami Beach last month.

It is believed Tara, 38, has an unhealthy diet, which involves bingeing and relying on liquids to keep her figure trim.

“Tara is a mess. She’s painfully skinny, but her weight fluctuates – she lives a party lifestyle, then crash diets before holidays,” a source told British magazine Closer.

“She survives on one meal a day and drinks gallons of Diet Coke and sparkling water, claiming it keeps her hunger at bay and that the bubbles fill her up. But then on some days she’ll wolf down pizza or ice cream.”

The blonde star reportedly currently measures in at a tiny UK size 6. After having undergone dozens of medical procedures in the past decade, Tara now reportedly has to have regular injections to keep her features in place.

In 2005 she had two botched alterations on her breasts and stomach, which needed corrective surgery to fix.

“Tara’s had Botox and fillers ever 8-10 weeks to stop her face from looking haggard. She went on a surgery binge in 2009 and her bum implants now sag a bit as she’s lost so much weight,” the insider added. “She’s always wanted quick weight-loss fixes so, instead of exercising, she just won’t eat proper meals for two weeks.”

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