Teenagers Getting Plastic Surgery | Is it the answer for their body issues?

“I know some people say bad things, but when I spoke to the doctor about the surgery he said it was okay … Both the girls were concerned about their bodies and I wanted them to be happy.”

said the mother of two girls who got buttock implants and a boob job to feel better about themselves.

The more I read stories like this one, the more scared I get.

What are we teaching our daughters and sons about image?

These two young ladies got a big birthday present from their mums when they turned 15: plastic surgery.! :>

The Gloss shares this story:

Two 15-Year-Olds Got Breast & Butt Surgery At Urging (And Checkbook) Of Their Mother

by Samantha Escobar

the gloss

the gloss

Karen and Jennifer Lopez (f’real real name) received liposuction, breast implants, buttock fillers and rhinoplasty. While this level of surgery is not permitted in countries of the United Kingdom, the pair were unfortunately able to acquire such “gifts” in the Colombian city of Cali, where their family was originally from.

On “This Morning” yesterday, the sisters discussed their surgeries with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Jennifer, now 23, was first to get the surgeries in order to look more like the singer with whom she shares a name. Though she had planned on “simply” getting an operation on her breasts, she was tempted by a “package deal” offered by surgeons and wound up getting liposuction and a procedure wherein doctors removed fat from her stomach and injected it into her behind to produce more “natural” results than regular implants. Karen, now 20, followed suit a few years later.

Total, the surgeries cost £4,000, plus £3,000 in flights. The girls didn’t pay, however, because their mother was the one who footed the bill and encouraged them to get the surgery. She had previously had surgery, and after initially saying no, she decided to allow and fund both daughters’ operations. She says:

“I know some people say bad things, but when I spoke to the doctor about the surgery he said it was okay … Both the girls were concerned about their bodies and I wanted them to be happy.”

One of the saddest things? Karen says that since she had her surgeries, her curves attracted too much male attention and that she is “constantly bothered” by men’s behaviors toward her butt. Regardless of how her ass is or how she looks post-surgery, these men obviously should never make her uncomfortable in that way. It has always baffled me that women with larger breasts and hips are somehow seen as being inherently ultra-sexual beings deserving of catcalls, rudeness and gross RSVPs to nonexistent invitations.

As for Jennifer, she told The Sun in a separate recent interview that she loves the attention. “I felt like there was nothing about me — no boobs or bum, no defined figure. I just felt like a blob. Since having my surgery, I’ve had so much attention from men. I love it.”

Though Karen insists she is completely fine with the results (despite the unwanted attention), she does admit that her behavior may differ from her mother’s in the future.

“If they were unhappy with their bodies and if they maybe want to do surgery, I would support them. But not at a young age.”

The sisters say that they’re happy with the results and their appearances nowadays, though Jennifer has had a couple more surgeries since and Karen stated that she would get lipo if she were ever to gain weight. They maintain that these body choices were right for them, regardless of age:

“The only downside is getting too much male attention from sleazy men. Some girls hate on us, calling us fake, but I think it’s just jealousy.

“I know people will think we were too young, but we were really insecure and it gave us back our self-esteem. I’m not surprised more young girls want surgery, there are so many perfect images of celebrities, it’s hard not to feel the pressure. We did. But if you have the money and it makes you happy, why not do it? Life’s too short to feel unhappy.”

I did consider plastic surgery at a young age, I wanted to get my nose reshaped. In fact some of my classmates got their noses fixed when they turned 18. I never thought though about getting butt implants at 15. At 15 I was still a girl. I don’t think my parents never advised me against having plastic surgery but they never took me to the plastic surgeon to get a quote or something like that. I don’t think they understood well all the implications that it has and maybe they thought that if that was going to make me happy there wasn’t a reason to stop me from getting it but they never gave me the funds nor I really asked for them. Back then plastic surgery was more a thing for the rich and the famous but now the number of plastic surgeons has increased and the prices have come down that almost anybody with a job (in Australia) can access plastic surgery, there is even payment plans for this.

For me the point is not only getting the surgery and going through the risks and all that at a very young age. For me what really matters is how we have become that for me sounds like going to McDonald’s and getting instant extra butt or boobs.

At a very young age we don’t know what we want, we haven’t really learned to appreciate our strengths and the media keeps on promoting certain body stereotypes that have to be achieved to become popular.

I don’t think it would be very smart to let my daughters go through a plastic surgery procedure to enhance their assets. There are many other things that we have to teach our kids so they learn to be happy the way they are, we have to learn to accept our differences and also understand that celebrities are only a very small percentage of the population and in fact they are not as pretty as we believe. An article published recently says that a survey proved that people tend to imagine that the stars are prettier and slimmer than what they actually are.

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