What terms you don’t like to use.


Ralph Lauren hates the word “classic”.

The designer has his own eponymous label and the word is often used to describe his timeless creations, which include smart suits and preppy polo shirts.

However, , as he believes it makes his line appear static and unchanged.

“I don’t like the word,” he sighed to WWD. “It makes you think we didn’t do any work.”

Yesterday the designer showcased the fall pieces in his luxurious Purple Label line.

Velvet tuxedos, plaid pants and a crocodile and cashmere jacket all featured.

Ralph is always keen to move his ideas along and this season he’s focused on slim silhouettes.

“Vests are definitely more important today,” he explained to the website. “And they’re more elegant.”

When describing the Purple Label man, Ralph said it was someone craving “individuality and quality”.

He imagines a guy who doesn’t just want to look smart at work, but all the time.

“He’s wearing business clothes, but on the weekends, he wants to be luxurious and sophisticated,” he continued.

Ralph also gave a look at the RRL collection.

He described how this more casual line is different to his others.

“[It's] very hip and very international. It’s blowing out at our stores in China and Japan… We like to keep it quiet, but people are buying it,” he said.

“[It's for a] guy who has style. He’s theatrical; he’s an artist, a writer, an individual. It’s vintage, but not copied vintage – it’s modern vintage.”

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