Textured tips

There are more trend fingertips inventive than ever with 3D effects.


From leather look to liquid sand, texture is taking over in the world of nail polish.

And when it comes to runway trends, you can forget a simple French manicure.

On-trend fingertips are more inventive than ever with 3D effects wowing runway watchers around the world.

We caught up with nail guru and runway manicurist Remi Sapori to discover her tips for terrific talon texture,

“Three dimensional nail polishes are taking over in a big way,” confirms Remi.

“My kit is packed with tons of textured products and I’ve invested in lots of nail embellishments so I can create really bespoke designs.

“Overall there seems to be a big demand for that matte, almost gritty finish.”

For those unfamiliar with ultra-matte formulas, they are basically filled with tiny particles that are almost like grains of sugar, to give a bumpy feel and matte look to the finished manicure.

“I love Essie’s Encrusted Treasures and OPI’s Liquid Sand and I’ll often use a pair of tweezers and nail glue to attach little stars or gems,” says Remi.

But what if you’re less than artistic? Do you have to be handy with a nail polish brush to rock that totally textured appeal?

“There are tons of ways to embrace the trend,” says Remi.

“Creating designs on such a small area is tricky so don’t worry if you find it a bit difficult.

“There are so many pre-painted stick-on nails in the shops and you can find really crazy, inventive ones online.

“I love H&H metal nails, which take the idea of 3D nails to another level so definitely check them out.”

If budget is an issue, the good news is that you don’t need to fork out on loads of new polishes to experiment with texture.

“If I want to mix things up I’ll sometimes apply a coat of glossy colour and then add a couple of stripes of matte polish to give a 3D effect,” explains Remi.

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