Textured Tresses

Schiaparelli show, Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014, Fashion Week, Paris, France - 20 Jan 2014. Textured Hair


Textured hair was big news at the recent Haute Couture fashion week held in Paris, with models rocking frizzy hair dos as well more subdued curls.

Italian brand Schiaparelli made a welcome return to the Paris catwalks, 60 years after Elsa Schiaparelli presented her final show. The bold designs by Marco Zanini were matched by the extravagant hair with wigs that channelled Elsa’s infatuation with headwear. One model sported a full head of orange, frizzy hair that covered her eyes and dropped down her back. Here are some tips to achieve our favourite texture hair styles.

Couture Frizz

To achieve the couture frizz top, hair stylist Luigi Murenu explains we need to embrace the “natural fluffiness” that many of us battle with on a daily basis.

“From soft leather to angora knits and animal prints, texture is so prevalent in this season’s catwalk collections, and this has been reflected in the way hair is being styled,” Luigi explained to graziadaily.com. “This look embraces the natural fluffiness many of us naturally have in our hair, and is a fabulous way of expressing a little bit of you in a fashion-forward way.”

This high impact hair style works best when a contrast in texture is maintained, so tie your hair up keeping the top slick and then letting the ponytail have all the fluffy fun. You can also work the crimped look into this trend.

Dirty hair

Mousse it up for a simple way to make your hair look more textured. Just like our hair looks, and holds, better in the days after we have washed it, mousse can also achieve this. Don’t overdo it and leave your hair with that crunchy feel, but boost roots with a quick uplift. “Free hair with movement is huge right now- and what will be will be,” Luigi said. Embrace your natural hair, and give those straightening irons a well deserved rest. Unruly hair is where it’s at this season.


High maintenance kinks are the next key trend, with hair looking as if you’ve only just got out of bed, when in reality you’ve spent hours styling it. “As backstage beauty areas have swapped straight hair for looser curls and kinked waves, we have started to embrace hair’s irregularities, which is great because natural texture is very beautiful,” Luigi commented. Roughly blow dry hair, and then add in random waves with a curling tong. Brush out the kinks and voila, a grunge yet glam look.



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