Thermogenesis Helps Metabolism

Thermogenesis means creating heat by speeding up the metabolism to help with burning fat. In order for our bodies to work properly they need energy – less when they’re relaxed, more when they’re active. When using thermogenesis, excess energy is burnt and given off as heat. This in turn gets your metabolism going, giving it that extra push to burn off fat. A good metabolism is a dieter’s best friend, as it helps to burn calories and those extra rolls you could do without.

How can I get thermogenesis going?

There are plenty of ways to get your body sweating and burning off fat by forcing it to use up more energy. In order to kick off the cycle, you need to focus on exercise that makes you as sweaty as possible, such as intense cardio or weight training. It might not sound enjoyable, but by sweating a lot you warm up your body, which uses up energy. Also effective are super cold showers, which force your body to use energy to get its temperature back to normal.

How to Burn Fat

Thermogenesis friendly food

The things you eat are equally as important. The best type of food for getting you hot and sweaty is a spicy meal, so heading out to your local curry house might not be a bad idea. There are also plenty of ingredients you can build into your home cooking. Chilli and cayenne pepper are obvious choices, while garlic and mustard also work wonders. If you have a sweet tooth, ginger also warms you up from the inside out.

If a super-spicy curry doesn’t tickle your taste buds, using just a little cayenne pepper or ginger when cooking can make a difference. Be careful if you have a very sensitive stomach though, as spicy ingredients could prove upsetting for digestion.

Spicy isn’t the only way

Drinking a lot of water also helps to speed up your metabolism. If you’re looking to kick-start thermogenesis, add ice cubes and aim to drink three litres a day. The energy you’ll need to warm up your body after a freezing cold drink is more than you might think. As a bonus, drinking plenty of water keeps cravings and hunger at bay, meaning you’ll naturally eat fewer calories.

There are also certain vegetables that help with thermogenesis while also adding to your five a day. Types of cabbage, including cauliflower, are hailed as great ways to get your metabolism going. Celery and broccoli are also wonder foods. If you’re sick of savoury, cinnamon is another great way to heat up your body, while berries and apples also help with your metabolism.


Thermogenesis may only be a small step towards your dream body, but it’s a great place to start and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. After all, every little helps when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

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