Tight Trouser Tip

'The Monuments Men' film premiere, Paris, France - 12 Feb 2014. How to put on tight pants.

Bill Murray says a woman taught him to lie on his back when putting on tight trousers.

The 63-year-old actor is promoting his latest movie The Monuments Men at the moment, about a group of World War II soldiers who were tasked with recovering artwork stolen by the Nazis.

There are some battle scenes in the release, prompting Bill to be asked if he had to negotiate basic training.

“I did some basic training too mine involved… it’s a movie really about men but I learned things from women on this film,” he told Cover Media. “I learned that when you have to put on a tight pair of pants you lie on your back. You have your feet up in the air lying on your back.”

The Monuments Men was written, directed and starred in by George Clooney, with Matt Damon, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin also appearing.

Bill’s sense of style is legendary, with the actor favouring loud patterns over the usual dull suits worn by many of his peers. In 2012 he attended a photocall at the Cannes International Film Festival dressed in a pair of blue, yellow and white checked pants, a pink and blue plaid shirt and a jacket which was green and red.

He may give off the vibe that he likes fashion, but Bill isn’t one to chat about his style loves.

“There are people who are obsessed with information about my life, what clothes I’m wearing and what my exercise regime is. I’m not interested in that,” he previously said.

The Monuments Men is out in the UK on February 14.

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