Tiny Waist or Muffin Top | Kim & Miley

I have observed 2 recent pictures of two famous ladies that have shown what others cruelly call: ‘muffin top’.

For me this is just a wardrobe malfunction. These two beauties have a lot of assets that can be proud of but they have chosen the wrong outfits here that hightlight an effect that is created by the clothes.

It is not that Kim is fat. She is not the kind of skinny girl either, she just made the mistake of highlighting her tiny waist with this tight skirt that creates the effect of a muffin top.

The media can be so cruel. We can easily forget the amazing pictures of the Reality TV star that we have seen where we can clearly see that Kim is not fat at all. She made a mistake and here she is covered by all the cruel media.

I always try to bring out the positive stuff from anything and I believe the positive here is that we can learn that even the super beautiful and famous Kim Kardashian can make mistakes when she choses her clothes.

Kim has also had a journey with extra kilos these last few months so we can feel calm if that happens to us. It is not easy to have the ‘perfect’ body.

Miley was also seen in concert and the nasty media dared to say that she is fat when a nasty muffin top was revealed. It was only her position what revealed that extra stomach but Miley is really skinny.

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