Tomboy Collection

'Girls' 3rd Season TV Series Premiere, New York, America - 06 Jan 2014. Cynthia Likes Tomboy Aesthetic


Cynthia Rowley had a “professional knife-thrower” in mind while creating her new collection.

The American designer is set to debut her Fall 14 line as part of New York Fashion Week. Her show will be held at Manhattan’s Paramount Hotel.

When quizzed by what fans can expect from her new pieces Cynthia shared her inspiration and favourite items.

“I like the idea that this girl is a professional knife-thrower. It just seems so crazy to me. I always like that sort of tomboy aesthetic,” she mused.

“[My favourite pieces are] these sweaters that are sort of like puzzle pieces that all fit together. It’s a crew neck, and then it has a little dickie on it. But you can wear it out or in – those are the kind of sportswear-inspired pieces that I wanted to create that aren’t just the cute little dresses.”

One of the reasons why Cynthia chose the venue is because she found it partly inspired her finished collection.

“I was thinking about ways that you have to stress test your own aesthetic, and force yourself to be counter intuitive about what you do,” she explained.

“I love making dresses, so this collection I wanted it to be very sportswear driven. You just have to challenge yourself in whatever direction or feeling that you want to go in.”

Cynthia has two daughters, one from her previous marriage to William Keenan and another with her current spouse William Powers.

The 55-year-old fashionista doesn’t design with the girls in mind though as they are too young and carefree at the moment.

“They’re too little. The older one, who’s 14, she wears a T-shirt with Mick Jagger or Dash Snow and jeans every day. She’s so anti-fashion. She could not care less. I’m like, ‘Please, do you want to go shopping, can I buy you some stuff?’ and she’s like ‘No, I’m good,’” Cynthia laughed. “She really doesn’t care I guess. But they both like to draw. The little one designs, draws little things with a juice box pocket on it.”

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