Top Model Bodies are only 1% of the population: Don’t compare yourself

The editor or Marie Claire Australia told Today Tonight that top models are only 1% of the population and that is why we should not compare to them.

The lady compares them to high performance athletes who are also a very small number and said that we should not compare our bodies to theirs.

These famous women spend hours in the gym toning their bodies and they have a big team of experts behind them, feeding them with the right foods and setting up exercise routines to achieve those shapes that we get to see.

Miranda Kerr has talked about how much care she puts into her body, the Australian model has said that she treats her body like a temple. Most of us don’t even have the time to buy what they eat, not to say the time it is necessary to cook those meals.

About exercise: the casual 1 hour gym exercise doesn’t give you the body of a model even if you go every single day to the gym.

I decided to happily accept that quote “I cannot compare my body to the 1% of the population so I better be happy with my body”. I still exercise and watch what I eat but I am not going to suffer anymore if my stomach doesn’t get as flat as the famous women tummies. We have to remember also that these beautiful ladies also have access to the most sophisticated beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures that can do wonderful things such as deleting stretchmarks and resurfacing the skin.

Many of these treatments are available now for the non-rich and the non-famous but they are still expensive. To pay a session of Fraxel Laser treatment costs around $350 and you need more than one to achieve the results.

So probably being happy with who I am, eating healthy things, exercising and indulging myself from time to time would be a better way to go.

Below we can see a picture of the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her gym wear showing off her slim body shape to give envy to the rest of the world.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley body shape after a gym session

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