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Want to achieve complexion perfection? Then make sure you tone your skin.

Toning is an important second step that completes the cleansing process, yet many people choose to leave it out.

Top dermatologist Dr Howard Murad says toner is the step that completes the cleansing process and is vital for the overall health of your complexion.

“Given how busy we all are these days, people tend to rush through the cleansing process, and toners can remove any impurities that may not have been washed away during cleansing,” says Dr Murad.

For acne-prone skin, he recommends choosing a toner with antioxidants like grape seed extract and vitamin E to help protect against free radicals, chondrus crispus extract which regulates oil production, and witch hazel, which removes oil while tightening pores.

If you have environmental damage, sun spots or age spots, try a toner that features ingredients such as bitter orange flower and coneflower extract, which strengthen skin’s natural defence system while natural moisture factors gently condition and hydrate skin.

“For people with dry skin or hormonal aging, a hydrating toner featuring lecithin will lock in moisture and restore suppleness, will soften and smooth skin and chamomile and cucumber extract soothe irritation. Witch hazel is key for all skin types because it is gentle, tightens pores, and helps restore natural pH balance,” he adds.

Fancy toning up in 2014? Here are some top products to check out:

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

Ideal for combination skin, this lavender toner helps maintain the skin´s natural pH balance, whilst working to clarify the complexion without the use of alcohol or harsh detergents.

Liz Earle Mini Skin Tonic

Gentle and alcohol-free, this gorgeously-scented, non-drying floral toner revitalises, soothes and brightens skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

Perfect for dry skin, this pH-balanced, alcohol free toner will effectively remove surface debris whilst hydrating and comforting the skin.

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