Transparent Dresses of Kate Middleton

It all indicates that Kate Middleton loves transparent.

Transparent dresses are sexy, revealing and even elegant.

After all, it was with a see-through dress how Miss Middleton hooked her prince. The Duchess of Cambridge must have special memories for that special dress. Story tales happen today we can see how a dress once worn by a University student can become a few years later the dress of a Princess.

If you don’t know the gossip, it is said that Kate Middleton was wearing this dress the day Will saw her and felt interested on her. Maybe the Queen and even Kate might not like to see this picture but Catherine has to be grateful to it. Through revealing her assets Cupid did his job with William.

For me KAte was absolutely gorgeous before, she was slim and curvy. Kate and Pippa have always exercised so we can see that Catherine had a toned body that also included great legs. Her look was exotic and of course sexy. Today the Duchess has to look and behave like a Princess. The downsize is that KAte cares more about her weight and although she is in great shape I liked her more when she had some more kilos to display on that great body figure.

Kate and Will studied at St Andrew’s and here they are back to celebrate the University 600′s Birthday. Kate is wearing lace again but now we cannot see through. Our beloved Kate has refined now and today we can see a Princess here.

This is a happy ending story tale, isn’t it? We can see the Prince holding the umbrella to protect his beautiful princess.

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