The truth of Sterilising and Desinfecting Beauty Tools

Do you want to know more about Sterilisers?

Which one is the best?


Experts say that this is the most effective method of sterilization.

Tools are sterilised at high pressure.

Hot steam is in charge of killing the germs.

Steam is produced from a reservoir of water and is contained under pressure at a minimum of 121 degrees Celsius for a minimum period of fifteen minutes.

Modern equipment has a thermometer indicator which changes colour when the required temperature has been reached. Stainless steel and glass items re suitable for sterilisation by this method.

In the machine there will be a stacking shelf so that articles can be placed at different levels in the autoclave. However not all articles may be sterilised in this manner as the high temperatures may cause a break down in the material of the object.

I believe that as a beauty therapist it is worth getting an autoclave for the safety of your clients.


This is also a method of sterilisition but not as effective as the autoclave.

The problem is that they have a very low level of penetration.

Theory that is worth mentioning is:

The ultraviolet rays are emitted in a cabinet which may be wall mounted or kept on a surface. This type of sterilisation only sterilises the surface of objects, so it is suitable only for solid tools such as cuticle nippers. Items have to be turned halfway through the sterilisation process to ensure that all surfaces have been treated.

The recommended exposure time is fifteen minutes each side. Equipment is often stored in an ultraviolet cabinet until it is required for use.


Glass bead sterilisers reach temperature of between one hundred and ninety degrees and three hundred degrees, depending on the model. This temperature has to be maintained for thirty to sixty minutes.

What I thing is not very good of this tool is that if extra items are put into the steriliser during this period, the temperature of the beads drops and the effects are lost. Timing would have to begin again. Glass bead sterilisers can hold only very small items and have limited use in the salon.

Again we can see that the autoclave is the best one.

Concentrated liquid chemical agents are available which have to be diluted for use. Some chemical agents act either as a disinfectant or as a sterilant, depending on the strength of their solution and the time for which items are kept in contact with Some liquid chemical sterilisers are very harmful to the skin and great care is needed when handling them.

The problem with chemicals is that they end up being expensive and dangerous, they can harm your skin or your client’s skin if they get in touch with them by accident and I also believe they become a hazard for the salon.


For those that believe that desinfection is KILLING ALL THE BACTERIA and micro-organisms they will be dissapointed to hear that they don’t kill them all, desinfectants just reduce the number of organisms.

But it is still worth using them. Not using them because they don’t kill all the germs would be similar to not washing your hands because there is guarantee that not all germs are killed.

It is important to mention the following details about this desinfectants:

gluteraldehyde: eg Cidex.

A 2% solution is used which remains active for 14-18 days.
after which time it must be discarded. It is a very valuable
disinfectant. It is particularly good for soaking metal instruments
and applicators. It must however, be handled with great care.


e.g. 70% isopropyl alcohol, surgical spirit.

Alcohol disinfectants have a very effective bactericidal effect. They must be used once only and then be discarded
Quartery ammonium compounds e.g. centrimide These are bacteriostatic cleansing agents. They prevent bacteria From spreading but they are not effective against very resistant organisms.

Hypochlorites e.g. Milton, Domestos

These products contain sodium or calcium hypochlorite and are
Effective against most bacteria and some type of spores.
They are often used for general cleaning purposes because they are relatively cheap to purchase. Some are corrosive and should not be used for soaking metal instruments.

It is very important that you pay special attention to this matters if you work in the beauty industry. Sterilising and Desinfecting is very important for your own safety and for your customers too.

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