Tummy Tuck? | Why is it so popular?

I thought it was a good idea to ask other women why tummy tucks have become so popular among ladies. I was writing the following for my Abdominoplasty Guide:

I believe that they are so popular because they seem to be a ‘quick solution’ for reducing the excess fat in our tummies.

Celebrities show us those great flat abs that not many real women have. Especially when we have kids the abdomen skin becomes saggy (and for some of us it doesn’t look very nice).

Some women say that they have tried diets, exercise and still the excess fat in the stomach is still there.

Some of the reasons why I find more and more women want to get a tummy tuck are:

  • We (women) desire to have a better shape and some of us are prepared to pay for the price of it (money, recovery hassles and even pain).
  • The media has proposed that this is the easy option for getting your pre-baby body back.
  • We are bombarded with images of abdomens of women that are not real but a product of Photoshop so it becomes harder to accept our bodies.
  • We prefer an operation rather than going through diet and exercise.
  • We believe exercise will not work.
  • We watch on TV and on the Internet hundreds of celebs that look like they never had a baby just after a few weeks so we go: Why not?

Let’s think about the following:

- If you don’t like that excess fat on your tummy and you are exposed to this kind of before and after pictures wouldn’t you be tempted?

If you have a tummy like this one …

– images have been deleted –

and you see and image of a celebrity with a bikini body like this one…

wouldn’t you consider a tummy tuck if you have the option?

Why do you believe Abdominoplasty is such a popular procedure?

The images above belong to Macquarie Cosmetic Medicine. This clinic is not paying advertinsing and I am not promoting them I am just using these images to touch the point of why women consider tummy tuck.

The image from a tummy tuck before was found at:
http://www.toncic.net/en/cosmetic-surgery/aesthetic-procedures-on-the-body/abdominoplasty-tummy-tuck/ who apparently is a cosmetic surgeon in Croatia ( I don’t know him, I am not recommending him either).

Note: The image of Kelly Osbourne is a controversial one since it is retouched. Kelly’s PR people didn’t want to talk about it when they were asked.

Remember: I am not saying that tummy tucks are the way to go, I am just exposing my points why I believe abdominoplasties are so popular today.

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