Tummy Tuck Scar Revealed? Bethenny Frankel

We have heard the rumours of Bethenny Frankel’s tummy tuck. The gossip said she got it on the same day as she had her C-section during the birth of her baby.

I have been seraching for pictures of the rich and famous star and look what I found. This is Bethenny Frankel wearing a tiny bikini where we can see that she has a completely flat ab with no signs at all of having had a baby never ever.

All celebrities manage to get away from strechmarks and saggins skin so we suspect the magic pill for this is called abdominoplasty.

I found this other picture that shows a closer look of BF’s stomach I you observe it closely there is a small line that could be the scar of a tummy tuck (to be honest it is hard to spot the scar but it is easy to say that she went through surgery since it is not normal that someone who had a baby once doesn’t show a sign of pregnancy at all).

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