Tummy Not Tucked: Kelly Brook & Elle McPherson

Kelly Brook and Elle McPherson wear bikinis to show their abs on natural images (not photoshop).

Kelly shows some excess fat while Elle looks super skinny.

The 32-year-old underwear model headed out to sea off the Italian island of Ischia with her boyfriend Thom Evans yesterday.

The not too skinny model gives a good example to the not-too-skinny ladies that feel embarrassed with their bodies.

Let’s embrace our bodies, we don’t have to be perfect. Even celebrities have imperfections.

Kelly shows the image of a normal woman in good shape with not an excessive flat ab. I don’t think we can say she is fat, the model is certainly not super skinny but she dares to wear a bikini even when she knows that we would be looking at her excess fat on her tummy area.

The lingerie model is proud to show her best assets: her large boobs that give her a job that pays her very well.

People talk about Kelly Brook’s cellulite. There are some images that suggest that she has got some. We have to remember that cellulite is the accumulation of fat. Most women develop cellulite and I can’t see a reason why Kelly wouldn’t if she has said that she doesn’t worry about being super skinny.

Contrasting curvy Kelly, the Australian Model Elle MacPherson went out fishing on a boat. The model shows her slim body shape with no excess fat at all.

Both are models, both are famous and we can see how women come in different shapes. In fact, Elle is older than Kelly and she is a very skinny. So age is not necessarily a reason for fat accumulation. It is that Elle cares more about being slim?

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