Turlington Burns named Imedeen Ambassador

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Christy Turlington Burns is the ambassador for a beauty supplements company.

The 45-year-old model has agreed terms to front Imedeen, meaning she will star in the skin-care supplements advertising campaigns.

Christy explained that the product is one which appealed to her as she is so careful about how she looks after her skin.

“It’s very important for me to maintain great-looking skin – not only as a model, but as a woman with lots of demands and many roles to fill each day. Caring for my skin on the inside is just as important as how I care for the outside,” she told WWD.

Daniel Jackson will be lensing the first images, although at the moment it’s unknown when they will make it to print.

Marie-Louise Haxthausen is the senior global marketing director for Imedeen and has discussed why Christy was the perfect choice to help promote the supplements.

“As a brand, we are committed to delivering winning to help women look and feel the best they can at any age,” she said.

“More than just a beautiful face, Christy is a woman who believes in doing more in all areas of her life, whether that’s being a successful model and mother or running [her non-profit organisation] Every Mother Counts.”

Christy is known for her youthful appearance and has previously slammed cosmetic surgery. She doesn’t understand why women go under the knife and last year insisted there are many other steps she’d take to help herself look her best, rather than having an operation.

“Maybe there will be a time when you’re an oddball because you’re the only one left [who hasn't had surgery]. I’d rather be the only one, the sole survivor,” she mused last year.

“And in that case? I’ll just wear turtlenecks all year-round.

“You know, I’m 44 years old, I’m not 14. I’m healthy, I haven’t done anything to myself, I exercise. But I’m not entirely comfortable with myself in underwear either.”

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