Ultrasonic Body Contouring as seen in A Current Affair in Channel 9

I was looking for exercises for a body sculpting routine and I got a Google Ad about Ultrasonic Contouring. Of course I was curious about it and I checked out what it is about.

This is what I found:

MD Cosmedical Treatments in the Sydney, CBD and Wahrronga offers Ultrasonic Contour Treatments.

This is how they describe the treatments:

  • multiple treatments deliver incremental reduction with most patients loosing an average of 1–3 cm during the 1st treatment
  • excellent long-term results are achieved especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle
  • instant results – reduction of localized fat deposits & cellulite without surgery
  • non invasive – electively and gently targets fat cells & cellulite, with disrupted fat cells being removed via the body’s natural physiological processes
  • gentle, painless & comfortable – the treatment is a truly painless lunchtime procedure – no anesthetics, no sedation, no injections and no downtime
  • any body regions may be treated including double chin, tummy, love handles, arms, bra straps, buttocks, saddle bags & thighs
  • affordable -compared to other forms of treatment for fat & cellulite removal, Ultrasonic Contour fat blaster treatments are an effective & affordable alternative
  • clinically proven & measurable results in over 95% of patients

For more detailed information I found the following:

1.Who is this treatment ideal for?
Ultrasonic Contour treatments are designed to remove excessive fat and cellulite from localised body regions to help average to overweight men and women acquire an improved body contour and skin texture. This treatment offers an alternative to patients seeking effective reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery.

2.What body areas may be treated?
The Ultrasonic Contour treatment is suitable for any body areas including the abdomen, love handles, angel wings, bra straps, saddle bags, thighs, buttocks, chin, knees, arms and male breasts.

3.What results can be expected?
An average of 1 cm reduction in circumference can be achieved after a single treatment of the abdomen in most individuals. Multiple treatments result in incremental circumference reduction and high patient satisfaction in most individuals. Most ladies with cellulite will achieve a gradual long lasting improvement. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet during the treatment to maximise results.

I kept doing more research and I found that the Ultrasonic device has been featured on Channel 9 (A Current Affair).
For $69 dollars you can buy an Ultrasonic device at www.betterbequick.com.au

This is the Video that I found on YouTube:

I have previously posted an article about Velasmooth – another body contouring treatment -

Younger You (‘The Antiageing You’ website of NineMSN) says in an article called Cellu-lite! that Ultrasound technology has been used for several years for clinical body-contouring, in systems such as UltraShape.
This article says:

A non-surgical alternative to liposuction (and Smartlipo), it is designed for people who are not clinically overweight, have tried the diet/exercise route and just cannot shift stubborn fat deposits. How many treatments needed is dependent on an individual’s size and the severity of the problem areas, but the average is three and can cost close to $1000 per treatment, depending on the practitioner.

Results are usually seen after the second or third treatments, after a few weeks (when the liver has had time to break down and expel the `melted’ fat).

While there will inevitably be detractors who say a home system cannot achieve similar results (or could, indeed, be unsafe), the expense – and outlay of time – involved in clinical procedures is nonetheless beyond the reach of many people.

This is exactly the point that I would like to touch: How can it be possible that a at home device that costs less than $70 dollars could offer similar results to those expensive treatments offered at expensive cosmetic clinics when those clinics paid thousands of dollars for those fancy and high tech equipments.

If you are one of those users of those cheap devices who was had results please share them with the Sydney4Women Community because we want to hear those stories.

Med Contour MC1 is another device that uses ultrasound technology to target unwanted fat directly underneath the skin that you can find at Sydney Cosmetic Clinics. Cleo Magazine Australia posted an article about it:

As the therapist moves the handpiece (it’s similar to other ultrasound machines but with two plates for added intensity) over a part of the body, the ultrasound treatment breaks the membranes of the fat cells and the fat cells burst.

The content of the fat cells are transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the liver. The liver processes this fat through the natural metabolic process to eliminate it from the body. This elimination is assisted by the lymphatic drainage handpiece on the machine.

They offer us more info about this treatment:

The first session will take a full hour for one area. After that, each session will be just under an hour. The treatments are performed weekly with a short lymphatic drainage follow up which is performed in the same week. Most people require 4-8 treatments depending on the area and the size of the person. Costs will vary depending on the clinic, but for a treatment of 4-6 treatments expect to pay $1400 and up.

About this article:

Sydney4women is not promoting any particular body contouring treatment nor promoting cosmetic surgery. We write articles to help women make their own decisions about their health and beauty. What we have found is that in Sydney and in Australia in general there are so many different options and cosmetic treatments available at cosmetic clinics, beauty spas and cosmetic doctors consulting rooms that in most cases women are not aware of them and these treatments can be an alternative to surgery and in many cases help a lot of women to improve a particular condition or beauty problem. We believe that it is good to be informed and have a space to share with other women and hear stories, testimonials and reviews from other ladies that have been through a similar condition and more if they have received a beauty treatment that works. We welcome your stories! We don’t promote beauty businesses but we offer you information of the cosmetic treatments that they offer. Share in sydney4Women your reviews!

Clinics that offer MedContour in NSW are:

Ageless Face & Body
Dr Elizabeth Griffin
Suite 1001
122 Arthur Street
North Sydney NSW 2026
02 9011 5545

Bridge Medical Centre

Dr Abel Soliman
58 Railway Parade
Granville NSW 2142
02 9637 7322

Cosmedical Clinic
Dr Bill Pouw
31 Grosvenor Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
02 9386 5222

LaSante Medispa
Dr Abel Soliman
31 Castle Hill Road
West Pennant Hills NSW 2125
1300 527 268

Refine Cosmetic Clinic
Dr Ron Bezic
Suite 1504, Level 15
Westfield Tower 2
101 Grafton Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Reveal Beauty Lounge
5/193 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2041
0430 952 982

Skin Inspiration
Ground Floor, Suite 2
20 Bungan Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103
02 9979 8832

Some of the options for Body Contouring with Ultrasound are:

UltraShape™ is a safe, effective and surgery-free body contouring treatment that delivers measurable results without the need for follow-up treatments or maintenance.
  • Liposonix
  • From the creators of Fraxel and Thermage.

    Invasive fat reduction procedures, such as liposuction, typically carry certain surgical risks and are associated with significant post-treatment recovery downtime. Even newer, minimally-invasive techniques are still surgical procedures. Unlike these types of surgical fat reduction procedures, the Liposonix treatment is non-invasive and patients typically resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

  • MEdContur MC1
  • The list of doctors in Sydney that offer the treatment is provided above.

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