UnRetouched Beauties 2013

Karlie Kloss Dressed in White poses nicely

The stars look so different when they are seen in their daily activities. I loved them when they show their human side, when they are (im)perfectly pretty because we women don’t need of retouches to look good. This is a nice gallery of pictures of celebrities that were seen this January 2013.

Above Karlie Kloss poses at the Schumacher Fashion Show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, of course she put together some nice clothes for the ocassion and she looks gorgeous.

Elizabeth Banks holds a bunnie

Elizabeth Banks poses holding a bonnie for the Peter Rabbit clothing brand. Her hair is a little bit messy.

Kate Upton Smiles with an imperfect hair

Don’t you love Kate Upton here? She smiles and shows her pretty face and we get to see her with a ‘normal’ hairstyle. By normal I mean the hairstyle that any woman would have. This image proves that celebrities don’t wake up looking red carpet.

Kim Kardashian wearing big clothes

I loved this picture of Kim Kardashian at the Miami Airport coming back from Paris. We get to see the super Reality TV star wearing clothes that she doesn’t normally wear. We are so used to see Kim with her tight dresses that this loose top looks different. Maybe with her pregnant condition we will start to get used to see super Kim in bigger clothes.

Drew Barrimore in the picture below shows her pretty face with little make up. She was seen in NY.

Drew Barrymore Pretty Face with little make up

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