Upton’s Breast Nickname

Celebrities Attend Melbourne Cup Day. Who Are The Ladies?


Kate Upton calls her breasts “The Ladies”.

The 21-year-old supermodel has helped bring a more voluptuous figure back into fashion. Last year she landed her second consecutive cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition and she has spoken about how proud she is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Much has been made of her curves, with some suggesting Kate doesn’t have the body for high fashion. She has laughed that off and joked she has even come up with a nickname for her famous breasts.

“[I call them] The Ladies,” she laughed to V Magazine. “Everyone brings them up, so I have to have something to call them.”

In the past Kate has claimed she sometimes goes braless in a bid to downplay her assets as she thinks they can be “too much” if she is wearing lingerie.

Kate has appeared on the covers of Vogue Italia and Elle, but still some are dismissive of what she’s achieved. She was famously slammed by a Victoria’s Secret casting director in 2012, who said she was “too obvious” to ever appear in the lingerie company’s annual fashion show.

“I had just gotten my cover of Sports Illustrated that day,” she recalled. “I wasn’t used to that kind of media swirl. I had never met her, so it really came out of nowhere. It was my introduction to being in the spotlight and having people you’ve never met have an opinion of you.”

As well as modelling, Kate has dipped her toe into the acting pond. She appears in The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz and admits shooting was nerve-wracking.

“[I was] completely out of [my] league,” she said. “I make no bones about it. I just listened and paid attention.”

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