Varicose Veins Best Treatments

The Daily Mail published an interesting article that summarizes what are the best treatments for Varicose Veins.

Female celebrities that have talked about having Varicose Veins are: Emma Thompson, Ulrika Jonsson and Britney Spears.

Varicose veins tend to get worse rather than better with time, so what are the treatment options?

- ENDOVENOUS LASER ABLATION: A laser heats and destroys the vein wall. The vein then disintegrates over six months. Best for straight, small veins.

– FOAM SCLEROTHERAPY: An injection of foam inside the vein creates a chemical burn that dissolves the vein lining and helps block it off. Very good for small veins.

- RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION: Similar to the laser technique. A thin catheter is inserted into the vein under local anaesthetic. A shot of electricity rather than a laser is used to seal the vein, which then eventually disintegrates. Good for small, early varicose veins.

- VEIN STRIPPING: Two incisions are made, above the groin and towards the knee, under general anaesthetic. The vein is tied to seal off the blood supply then the vein is removed. One of the most effective ways to treat large lumpy veins.

- CLARIVEIN: Virtually painless. A catheter is inserted, then a drug put in, causing it to seal. Good for small to medium-sized veins.

- SAPHEON SYSTEM: A new technique that has only been done in trials. Medical superglue is injected to seal the vein. The blood then finds its way though surrounding healthy veins instead.

I found this picture of Emma Thompson with Pierce Brosnan. We can see Emma showing off her legs, the actress has been treated for this problem.

Emma Thompson shows off legs

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