VB ‘Does Own Hair’

London Global Gift Gala - Arrivals. Victoria is great at doing her own hair.


Victoria Beckham is “great” at doing her own hair, according to stylist Ken Pavés.

The 39-year-old designer is known for her iconic shiny dark locks, which always look in fabulous condition.

She and Ken have been close friends for years and he often attends to her hair for an event when she wants that extra touch.

In an article about his clients, Ken has given tips on how to recreate Victoria’s blow-dry with a bit of bounce finish.

“Victoria is great at doing her own hair – this is definitely a look you can do at home,” Ken told British magazine Look.

He then continued to share detailed steps to follow to achieve the style.

“The secret to recreating a salon swish is what we call ‘parallel flow’ – basically you need to sculpt each strand so they all move in the same direction. Your hair needs to be soft and kink-free, so leave it to air-dry if possible,” he advised.

“To create volume at Victoria’s crown, I spritzed Color Wow Raise The Root, and then blasted sections with a hairdryer, from root to tip, around a large barrel brush. With her hair still warm, I wrapped it in large Velcro rollers and then passed random sections through a flat iron to calm the curl.”

Ken has also worked with Jennifer Lopez to create her cascading Hollywood curls. He recalled a moment which stands out for him.

“One of my most memorable jobs was in Milan with Jennifer Lopez. All my hair extensions were confiscated at customs. I had to ask J-Lo’s make-up artist, Mary Phillips, if I could cut off her hair to sew some pieces… she said yes!” he laughed.

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