Victoria Beckham Not Confident with her Body

Victoria Beckham's legs at the Fashion Show in NY 2013

“I was quite an awkward teenager, I was never particularly confident with my body or the way that I looked. I used to try and play around with everything, even try and customise my school uniform. I used to set trends at school, I have to say,”

Victoria Beckham confessed to Love Magazine that as teenager she wasn’t happy with her look. I wonder if this is still current so she tries so hard to look (MRs Posh) perfect and extremely skinny.

Although she is trying to use this as a statement of being a fashionable girl since her early days.

“I did try to make the school uniform look a bit better than it actually did.”

Since she didn’t want to join the Spice Girls Reunion tours it has been believed that she wants to deny her past. This is what Victoria had to say about that:

“I am very respectful of my past and the other girls and it was fun and it was great to do the Olympics. You know, I’m very proud to be British – honoured to be asked – and it was fun and we’ve got a lot of fans that have been with us right from the start. So there was never a doubt in my mind about taking part in that with the other girls,” she said.
“I’m never going to be ‘angry’ when people mention my past, I mean it is what it is – it’s great.”

Victoria Beckham's Pretty Body & Sexy Legs at the FAshion Show in NY

Regardless of her confidence issues Victoria is a hit in the fashion world says Vogue Magazine Australia.

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