Behind the Victoria’s Secret Show

Lindsay Degen yelled like a “lunatic” when she saw her creations at the Victoria’s Secret show.

The quirky designer worked with the underwear label for the Pink section of their annual extravaganza. Lindsay is known for her conceptual woven art installations and unusual knitwear, and first began working with Victoria’s Secret in March.

One of her pieces, a sheer tiger-stripe bodysuit made from knitted fishing line, was worn by Jessica Hart – and Lindsay couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw it on the catwalk last week.

“It was difficult to fit, because we didn’t know who the model was going to be – I don’t have the opportunity to work with supermodels – and I had to fit it to myself, like I always do,” she told “Obviously I’m not Jessica Hart-sized, and I worked on tailoring it to her measurements for two days straight before the show. When I finally saw it walking down the runway, I totally lost it and kept yelling ‘Work’ like a lunatic!”
Jessica Hart at the Catwalk for Jessica Hart
Lindsay was given a social media theme to work with. Although she isn’t an expert in the area, she embraced the brief and created long johns with smiley-face emoticons and miniskirts with hashtags and phrases such as LOL and OMG.

“I’m actually really bad at social media, so I have a really positive, fun, cartoony view of what it is, and was able to tap into that,” she explained. “Degen [her namesake line] is always about doing something weird but lighthearted, and I don’t feel like I compromised my aesthetic at all. While it wasn’t necessarily an idea I would’ve come up with myself, I think the Victoria’s Secret show represents fashion’s ultimate over-the-top and fun side, so I was really proud to be a part of it.”

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