Victoria’s Secrets Retouches Clothes Not Models

Jezebel published a large number of before and after pictures of a special shooting of one of their top models: Doutzen Kroes.

I observed those pictures and I couldn’t really spot retouches on the body of the supermodel. The retouches are more in the colours.

The debate now is if it is okay to airbrush pictures to make your products look better.

This is what Jenna Sauers from Jezebel says:

Many of the differences between the retouched and raw photographs are not terribly shocking. There aren’t any missing limbs, or drastic alterations to the shape of Kroes’ body — she’s a supermodel, after all, and the woman sure knows how to pose. This is, to be honest, mostly pretty subtle, “good” Photoshop. The biggest change by far is that Victoria’s Secret brightened up the colors and corrected for lighting conditions that had some of the raw shots looking a little washed-out or dull. Now, it comes as no great surprise that a company should want its products to be seen in the best light possible, even if that is the magical, fake, golden light of Photoshop. An advertiser using lies to make a product seem more alluring than it really is? Well, I never!

Have a look to some of the airbrushed pictures:

To be honest I do like the fact that they do leave the bodies of their super top models the way they are. After all, these ladies have amazing bodies to be proud of.

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