Volume Boost

How to Create Volume.


Suffering from lacklustre locks? Then why not give your tresses a volume boost.

We sat down with session hair stylist Jenny Moreno to find out how she gives her clients the va-va-voom treatment.

“One word – hot rollers!” raves Jenny, who has perfected the locks of countless models.

“They’re a fabulous way to create volume.

“For a quick volumising styling trick, start with hair that is completely dry. Roll hair around large rollers beginning with the hair that grows just above the ears.

“Work your way up the hair until all of the top sections of hair are in rollers. Once the rollers are cool, gently remove them, allowing the curls to fall loosely.

“Flip your head over, and gently brush out the hair. Flip back up and smooth the hair,” she adds.

Aside from hot rollers, blow drying with a vent brush is a good way to create that all-important volume.

“They’re designed to allow the air from your hairdryer to circulate around the hair, blowing through the brush and creating lift and bounce in a controlled way,” Jenny explains.

Sales of texturising powders have rocketed over the past year, thanks to their volume-boosting appeal.

“Add them to dry roots and backcomb for fab volume or sprinkle over your lengths for matte texture,” says Jenny.

“But make sure you don’t apply too much product.

“It makes sense that too much product, especially the wrong product, on fine, limp hair can make the hair heavy, dragging your lengths down.

“Be sparing when adding product and you’ll soon see your hair filled with volume,” she adds.

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