Von Teese: Practise Seduction

Celebrities Attend Melbourne Cup Day. Practice Seduction in Everyday Life .Dita looks sensual iwearing a white suit, a hat and orchids.

Dita Von Teese thinks women should incorporate seduction into their everyday lives.

The burlesque beauty has her own lingerie range Von Follies, which she created from her love of vintage style.

Known for oozing sex appeal, Dita recommends females should regularly exercise their seduction techniques to make it seem more natural.

“Don’t save it for a rainy day. Practice seduction in everyday life to become a truly great seductress,” she purred to vogue.co.au. “You need practice, and then it doesn’t seem like you’re putting it on for someone, which you shouldn’t be. You should be doing things because you enjoy it and you like revelling in the art of being a woman.”

Dita had her breakthrough on the cover of Playboy magazine in 2002 after appearing in the publication in 1999 and 2001. Although she realises her taste may not meet everyone’s approval, the 41-year-old star always makes sure to bring a classy feel to her risqué photos.

“No matter whatever it is that you’re into, there’s always a way to beautify it and glamorise it – that’s really what I love to do,” she explained.

“When I first started posing for pin-ups and creating fetish photos and doing my burlesque shows, I was like, ‘How can I do this thing some people might think is low class or too racy, in a way that shows them that it’s not, and that it has an artistic quality to it?’ That should be the same truth for other women in their own life, with their own sexuality.”

With her lingerie line, Dita tries to cater to a bigger market. Taking inspiration from her classic wardrobe, the raven-haired designer aims to create unique pieces.

“I’ve been collecting lingerie since I was 15. I have a really big archive and I like to keep it for references for my collection,” she added. “I’m not just creating replicas of things, though; I take influence from the little details on those lingerie pieces or what the shapes were like, and make them more modern and wearable.”

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