Weather Affects Designs

British Fashion Awards 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals. Pilotto Longing for Something Colorful.


Peter Pilotto’s collections would be entirely black if the designers weren’t based in London.

Peter and Christopher De Vos are the people behind the British brand, which is renowned for using bold colours and kaleidoscopic prints.

Christopher is adamant that their studio location has had a huge impact on their pieces.

“I think if we weren’t based in London, we’d do everything in black. But because the weather’s so grey, we’re longing for something colourful,” he told

It’s been a busy time for the guys because, as well as working on their collaboration with US retailer Target, they have been designing their Fall/Winter 14 line. It’ll debut at London Fashion Week next month and while they wouldn’t give too much away, Peter was happy to give some hints about what’s in store.

“I think with our Spring 14 collection, we wanted to translate our signature ideas in new ways, so we did a lot of lace and embroidery. While we’re known for the print, there is actually so much more now that we’re busy with besides the print that we love to do. It’s all about the desire for colour that we try to express in different ways. Last season, we worked with lace that was engineered like the print was in the past – there were colour layouts that were made in the lace, layered with print underneath. We want to explore that further, and push those techniques for Fall,” he said.

While some designers are preparing for the big four biannual shows to kick off in New York next month, others are presenting collections at the moment at Berlin Fashion Week.

Among those is Rebekka Ruétz, who previously worked at Peter Pilotto and credits her time there with giving her the drive to go it alone.

“Before I never wanted to be self-employed, than I worked there and at some point the wish for an own label emerged,” she told Cover Media.

“Rebekka Ruétz stands for a modern Amazon. When I think about my collection, about my women, I see nothing but modern Amazons who want to be dressed. And I do think that every women carries a little Amazon in herself.”

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