Westwood’s Book Will Wow

'Free The Arctic 30' Greenpeace protest outside Shell headquarters, Southbank, London, Britain - 21 Nov 2013Vivienne Westwood is Working in a Book.


Dame Vivienne Westwood’s revelations will make readers of her book’s jaws drop, it has been claimed.

The fashion designer is working on a book with Ian Kelly, which started out as a biography but will now contain passages by her too. Ian is amazed by how open the 72-year-old star was.

“Vivienne is wonderfully candid. I sat there with my jaw on the table for a lot of it. Especially about what went on in the 1970s. It will be revelatory, I think,” he told guardian.co.uk. “Vivienne is alive and very connected, and so I would be an idiot not to use her as a source for a lot of the material. Then I have been doing what I would normally do, looking at sources and archives and interviewing people who know her, from Jerry Hall and Pamela Anderson, to Shami Chakrabarti.”

Vivienne remains best known for her partnership with the late Malcolm McLaren. They set up a clothing shop called SEX in London and are usually cited as the pair who put punk on the map.

“Vivienne was quite straight with me about the fact that Malcolm not being here anymore allows her to say more. She is respectful of his memory though, and about what their collaboration meant,” Ian said. “Until I spent time with her, I had not realised that Vivienne’s work has been a series of crucial creative dialogues, leading up to the one she has now with her former student Andreas Kronthaler, her husband since 1992.”

The tome is being published by Picador and will hit shops in October 2014.

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