How to use white eyeliner

Frosty white eyes are having a moment. From white lined eyes, to full-on white eyeshadow your face is going to look all white.

This trend isn’t for the faint hearted, and shouldn’t be tried without full commitment to the look. Those of you who are up for it should proceed with caution. Keep lips and hair simple, so as to not look like someone who just fell into their make-up box. If you’re feeling brave, leave your lashes bare to so the white has maximum impact and makes your whole face pop.

There are many ways to wear this space age trend, which has been seen on the likes of Cara Delevingne and Blake Lively.

The first way is to wear white eyeliner solo, across your upper lid with a flick at the end. The winged look will instantly open eyes up. Or if this is too bold for you, try a black liquid liner and then a white pencil over the top to make a more demure look. Or for a quirky take on this trend, line your top lid with black as normal, then emphasise the bottom lash line with white.
For a less bold take on the beauty trend, you can just add white eyeliner or shadow to the inner corners of your eyes only. This will make you look more awake by instantly opening up your eyes.
Trace the inner V of each eye for an understated look. Or take it back even further and just apply a tiny bit of white shimmer to the inner corner, not drawing too much attention to the white make-up.

For those ready to go boldly where no one has before (except maybe catwalk models), cover the lower half of your upper lid with white liner. This striking look works best with hair worn up, and minimal, so no other make-up. Or line your lids with white eye liner and smudge over the entire lid. Then retrace your upper lash line for a standout cat eye.
So whether you go for all out white, or just a tiny shimmer, there’s a look to suit all.

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