The Woman with most cosmetic surgeries in the world warns people from dodgy plastic surgeons shares a very sad story, the story of the woman with most cosmetic surgeries in the world. The now famous woman has more than 300 cosmetic surgical procedures. This lady is warning now other women of the dangers of becoming addicted to plastic surgery and she also talks about how many unprofessional plastic surgeons won’t warn you of the dangers because they want your money.

Alicia Douvall | The woman with most cosmetic surgeries in the world looks very ugly

SHE has had more than 330 cosmetic procedures and operations – far outstripping American Cindy Jackson, usually credited with being the world’s most surgically – enhanced woman.
Former English glamour model Alicia Douvall – best known for her kiss-and-tell affairs with celebrities including music mogul Simon Cowell – claims to have spent more than $1.4million on boob jobs, facelifts and even toe shortening operations.
But it has all come at a cost. Ms Douvall claims the work has turned her into an enhancement addict who has been treated in rehab on three occasions – and she has now turned on the plastic surgeons she says should never have encouraged her obsession with looking like Barbie.
Ms Douvall, who has been linked to a series of celebrities including actor Mickey Rourke and former Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, said she had undergone so many potentially dangerous and painful operations and procedures – at one point at the rate of one a week – because she was convinced she was ugly.
But she now realises she has been suffering from a mental illness that distorted her image of herself – and she is backing calls for new safeguards to protect vulnerable women from unscrupulous plastic surgeons.
Ms Douvall, 34, said: ‘‘I took a Barbie doll to one medical consultation to show them exactly what I was after.
‘’But none of these doctors tried to stop me. I think they just wanted my money.’’
Ms Jackson, the US author and television personality, has been credited with the world record for having the most cosmetic surgery – 14 major operations and 38 minor procedures such as Botox.
But Ms Douvall, who was born Sarah Howes, says she has had 71 operations under general anaesthetic alone – including 16 breast augmentations, seven operations on her nose and three facelifts. She has also had a further 260 procedures.
Since Miss Douvall had her first ‘‘boob job’’ at 17, she has had 12 operations on the skin around her eyes, as well as surgery on her cheeks to add and then later to remove implants.
She has also had a rib shortened to make her appear slimmer, toes shortened to ‘‘look better in heels’’, a tummy tuck and implants in her bottom and chin.
The 34-year-old mother of two said: ‘‘Clearly I have had more than Cindy Jackson but I don’t want my name in The Guinness Book Of Records. I can’t think of anything worse.
‘’It’s not something to boast about and I’m not proud of myself. If my 17-year-old daughter Georgia wanted cosmetic surgery, I’d be gutted.’’
The birth of her second daughter Papaya last year, a sister to Georgia, led her to seek help in a clinic for the third time and she said she has not had an operation for a year.
She has been told by her psychotherapist that she suffers from body dysmorphic disorder – a mental illness linked to anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder that she believes stems from a difficult childhood.
She tells today’s Mail on Sunday Review section: ‘Apart from my daughter’s education, I spent nothing on anything but surgery.
‘‘I ate beans on toast and never had a holiday. I even persuaded boyfriends to pay for operations.’’
She said that even when Georgia begged her to stop the surgery she refused to listen to her pleas.
But now she is paying a heavy price, as she can no longer smile properly or breathe through her nose.
Miss Douvall said: ‘I hold myself responsible but the doctors who agreed to operate on me when I was clearly not well have a lot to answer for.
‘‘Now I know the problem wasn’t with my breasts or nose, but how I saw myself. But they always agreed they could improve me.’’
She said that she had told surgeons about her previous procedures, but that they continued to operate – and that one even suggested she needed more work than she had asked for.
She said: ‘I look at pictures of myself before I had surgery and realise I wasn’t bad looking. I wish one of those doctors had told me to get help.
‘‘I have had a lot of reconstructive work done by very good surgeons but now I look in the mirror and all I see is scars.’’

Alicia Douval with very big implants

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