Why women buy clothes to hide their bodies

women with tight clothes

Are you the kind of woman who buys clothes tho hide your body?

If you are not sure answer these questions and you will discover if that is what you do.

1. Do you typically buy oversized clothes?
2. Do you tend to buy clothes in darker colours?
3. Do you wear clothes to hide parts or all of your body?
4. Do you buy and wear supportive undergarments very often?
5. Are you concerned if people notice the body parts you don’t like?
7. Are you uncomfortable when you look at your body in the mirror?
8. Do you refuse to let your partner see you undressed?
9. Are you uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit in public without a cover up?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more of 3 of these questions it’s likely that you are using clothes to hide your body.

Some of the things that will help you feel good about yourself are:

1. Discover when they hiding began

We all go through different stages in life. Finding when you decided to cover your body will help you to understand how you feel and to accept your reality. Some women start covering their bodies after giving birth or when they have an age change like going from their 40s to their 50s.

2. What is the body part that you are hiding

You might be concentrating a lot in one body part instead of giving more attention to another part of your body that is a big asset.

3. What are your emotions related to your body

What are the deeper emotions that your body image creates.

Clothes are a great tool, use them to your advantage, show your best assets and don’t hide.

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