For Women who feel they are not Beautiful Enough

This video will help you focus less in what you don’t have and appreciate more what you have.

This man in the video has not arms or not legs but he is still thankful for what he has.

He decided to concentrating on the things that he couldn’t do, he has said that we can’t concentrate in what we don’t have, instead we can be thankful.

There is no point on wishing to have what you don’t have.

It is a lie to think that you are not good enough
It is a lie to think that you are not worth it

Smiling seems to be the answer, things happen in life that you don’t understand, life presents you with storms that you don’t now how long they are going to be.

His secrets are:

1. Be Patient
2. Dream Big
3. Never give up

It is scary to know about girls having disorders
It is scary to think that people think they are worth nothing…

Nick Vujicik talks about Self-Confidence

“You are gorgeous just the way you are”

Nick Vujicik

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